Ken Hensley & Live Fire

KEN HENSLEY & LIVE FIRE “Trouble” (2013)
Catalogue Number: HNEDCD 028

1. Ready To Die
2. Trouble
3. It
4. Todo Loco
5. I Wanna Go Back
6. Please Explain
7. You Will Always Be Mine
8. I Don’t Know
9. Dangerous Desire
10. The Longest Night

• A legendary figure in rock, Ken Hensley has a long and illustrious career, having recorded with and performed with acts as diverse as British 60s psyche rockers The Gods to southern American rockers Blackfoot… but Ken is probably best known for the albums he made in the 1970s as a musician and songwriter with British heavy rock institution, Uriah Heep; from 1970’s “Very ’Eavy Very ’Umble” until 1980’s “Conquest”.

• He has also guested with bands as diverse as Cinderella, WASP, Toe Fat and Therion!

• In 2006 he formed Live Fire, providing his trademark keyboards, guitar and vocals, alongside Norwegian Ken Ingwersen on guitar, initially just to perform Ken’s songs live.

• In 2009, Tom Arne Fossheim joined as drummer, then in 2011 Ken Hensley & Live Fire released their first studio album “Faster”, followed by the self-explanatory “Live!!” earlier this year.

• Produced by Ken, “Trouble” is not only his third record fronting the band Live Fire, but now one of over 50 albums Ken Hensley has recorded or featured on!

• Kicking off with ‘Ready To Die’, and with a line-up now completed by Roberto Tiranti on bass, “Trouble” will be promoted across Europe with concerts as far apart as Germany, Finland, Spain and the Ukraine.