Luke Morley

LUKE MORLEY “El Gringo Retro” (2001)

CD 1: Original Album
1. Go With The Flow
2. This World
3. Loving You (Is All I Can Do)
4. Can’t Stop The Rain (Parts 1 + 2)
5. This Letter 4:48
6. One Drop
7. Quiet Life
8. A Face In The Crowd
9. Road To Paradise (Parts 1 + 2)
10. Sacred Cow 4:52
11. Waste Of Time
12. The First Day
13. Love Will Find A Way

CD 2: Bonus Tracks
1. El Gringo Retro (Japan bonus track)
2. Sleeping With The Past (unreleased demo)
3. You Won’t Be Coming Back (unreleased demo)
4. Whipping Boy (previously unreleased demo)
5. A Girl Like You (previously unreleased demo)
6. A Pain In My Heart (unreleased demo)
7. This Letter (previously unreleased demo)
8. Go With The Flow (live in Tokyo 2001)
9. This World (live in Tokyo 2001)
10. It Takes Two (live in Tokyo 2001)

• Luke Morley was a founder member of Terraplane before forming Thunder in 1989. After five studio albums, plus a double live release, Luke recorded this album whilst Thunder were on hiatus.

• “El Gringo Retro” was Luke’s first solo album, and features guest appearances from Thunder’s Harry on drums, Ben Matthews on keyboards and Chris Childs on bass guitar, as well as spots from long time collaborator Andy Taylor from Duran Duran.

• Compiled by Luke, the second disc features nine rare and previously unreleased tracks; ‘El Gringo Retro’, available for the first time outside of Japan, unreleased demos of ‘Sleeping With The Past’, ‘You Won’t Be Coming Back’, ‘Whipping Boy’, ‘A Pain In My Heart’ and ‘This Letter’, exclusive to this set from Luke’s personal archive. Also included are recently discovered live versions of ‘Go With The Flow’, ‘This World’ and a cover of ‘It Takes Two’ recorded on tour in 2001, taken from dates played in Tokyo, Japan.

• The album features a brand new interview, giving insights into the making of this unique album.

• As well as occasional live duties with Thunder, Luke now co-fronts the band The Union, who will be touring extensively throughout 2013 to promote The Union’s third release, “The World Is Yours”.