Raging Slab “Assmaster” (2CD)

Cat No: HNECD016D
Release date: 15th April

CD 1: “Assmaster”

  1. Feel Too Much
  2. Bitch To Kill
  3. Mr. Lucky
  4. Miracles
  5. Rocks Off Is Rocks Off
  6. Alpha Jerk
  7. King Pompadour
  8. Shiny Mama
  9. The Shield
  10. Assmaster

Bonus tracks: “True Death EP”

  1. Get Off My Jollies
  2. Shrivel
  3. Thunder Chucker
  4. I Heard The Owl

Bonus Tracks: from “Slabbage”

  1. Earache My Eye
  2. In Contempt

CD 2: Bonus Tracks

  1. R.A.W.K. (intro tape)
  2. Thunder Chucker (version 1)
  3. Get Off My Jollies (2013 Remix)
  4. Shrivel (2013 Remix)
  5. Thunder Chucker (2013 Remix)
  6. I Heard The Owl (2013 Remix)
  7. Alpha Jerk (unreleased version)
  8. King Pompador (unreleased version)
  9. Off Is Rocks Off (unreleased version)
  10. Hey Grace
  11. Feel Too Much (from “The Bands That Ate New York”)
  12. Mr Lucky (Demo mix)
  13. Shiny Mama (Demo mix)
  14. The Shield (Demo mix)
  15. Hips (Demo mix)

CD 2 all tracks previously unreleased, except 11, previously unavailable on CD

Raging Slab have an illustrious career that goes back 30 years to 1983 when hip young guitar slinger Greg Strzempka met slide guitarist Elyse Steinman in New York City, and the Slab were born. At the time The Village Voice observed that “….the Slab seem bent on doing for 70′s boogie-rock what the Stones did for the Delta Blues…”

Fusing their shared love of 70s boogie and southern flavoured hard rock with a punk edge and attitude borrowed from the likes of the Ramones and Bad Brains, the band often gigged with like minded souls such as (next door neighbours) White Zombie and the Butthole Surfers. They originally released their first LP “Assmaster” on New Jersey based punk label Buy Our Records in 1987.

“Assmaster” is a unique snapshot of the band’s independent roots before they were snapped up by major labels (RCA followed by Rick Rubin’s American Recordings), and featured full length comic book artwork by Marvel Comics artists Pat Redding and Pete Ciccone.

Also included is the “True Death” EP, also originally released by Buy Our Records, as well as ‘Earache My Eye’ and ‘In Contempt’ that appeared on the “Slabbage” compilation in 1991.

Disc two is a real treat for all fans of 70s boogie and southern rock, featuring no less than 15 previously unreleased tracks compiled from Greg Strzempka’s own personal archive, including brand new remixes made for this set, several unreleased demos, the band’s original intro tape, ‘Feel Too Much’ from “The Bands That Ate New York” 1986 compilation, plus ‘Hips’, an ultra rare track recorded in 1984.