TOKYO BLADE “The First Cut’s The Deepest - The Tokyo Blade Anthology 1983-2013″

Cat No: HNECD007D
Release date: 28th January

  • 80s heavy metallists Tokyo Blade went through numerous line-up changes during their career, but their only constant throughout it all was founding member Andy Boulton (guitar).
  • First going by such names as White Diamond, Killer, and Genghis Khan, the group eventually settled on Tokyo Blade, and premiered in the early ’80s. Tokyo Blade issued their debut recording in 1984 (which was self-titled in the United Kingdom, and titled Midnight Rendezvous everywhere else), featuring the line-up of Alan Marsh (vocals), Andy Wrighton (bass), John Wiggins (guitar), and Steve Pierce (drums), in addition to Boulton.
  • This the band’s first Anthology combines for the first time tracks from the bands long career, compiled by Andy Boulton and featuring new notes this is a great introduction to the band…

Track listing

CD 1

  1. Midnight Rendezvous
  2. Meanstreak
  3. Highway Passion
  4. If Heaven Is Hell
  5. Powergame
  6. Death On Mainstreet
  7. Liar
  8. Tonight
  9. Sunrise In Tokyo
  10. Lightning Strikes
  11. Fever
  12. Attack, Attack
  13. Unleash The Beast
  14. Night Of The Blade
  15. Dead Of The Night
  16. Madame Guillotine
  17. Breakout
  18. Lovestruck

CD 2

  1. Dirty Faced Angels
  2. Make It Through The Night
  3. Blackhearts And Jaded Spades
  4. Undercover Honeymoon
  5. Playground of Poison Dreams
  6. Stealing The Thief
  7. Bottom End
  8. Hot For Love
  9. Movie Star
  10. Tokyo City
  11. Heartbreaker
  12. 1000 Years (Intro)/The Eye Of The Storm
  13. Shadows Of Insanity
  14. Burning Down Paradise
  15. Kickback
  16. Dead End Kid